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Ferrari F12tdf
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890k EUR
1 km
780 HP
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Why Fine Car Investing?

In the world of today, classic cars continue to make rounds as one of the top ranking alternative investment assets, with increased growth of about 192pc over the period of last ten years despite a rough year for vintage vehicles. The asset class has consistently performed strongly as compared to other alternative investments asset classes. For instance, the fine art and wine.

Sources: Bloomberg, UBS, Pew Research Center, The Brookings Institution, knight frank
Q1 2011 - Q1 2016

Why Curio?

Why Curio?

For Collectors from Collectors The founders have been following the asset class for decades because they are car fanatics. They had to invest themselves and made some fantastic deals. Besides, they made use of the opportunity to develop a vast network. As a person who has experience dealing with rare items, you should understand that the relationships are more beneficial than the available funds. With us, you do not need to worry about those factors because we have the best deals. We also get you connected with like-minded individuals while you purchase the car. At Curio, we take care of the storage, insurance, and service. In addition, we make the cost very low and affordable. Above all, the prices are affordable because we work with a partner that stores cars in a Freeport, service, and maintenance and insure the vehicles. Now, let’s move into conclusion

Now, let’s move into conclusion
  • No form of entry barriers in the market
  • A longtime team of experts
  • Great New investment opportunities at frequent times
  • Benefits from high returns by funding cars with others
  • Barry the low miss costs with other shareholders.

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About us

Curio is Swiss-based Company founded in Zug in early 2018.
The company is a member of the reputable crypto valley association, and we champion the adoption of blockchain technology by the well-established firm.
A renowned Blockchain Hub Trust Square located directly opposite the Swiss National Bank hosts Curioinvest.
Blocknovum lists us as one of Switzerland’s top newcomers for 2018.
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Our mission

Just as the internet has democratized the access to information, the access to value will be democratized by the blockchain technology. At Curio Invest, our mission is to democratize access to investment grade cars and provide you with frictionless ones with secure access to them.

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curio combines the passion for cars with the ambition for profit
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Investing in private placements, tokens and cars involves a high degree of risk, including, but not limited to, illiquidity, lack of dividends, loss of investment and dilution, and those investors who cannot afford to lose their entire investment should not invest.
Purchases of Tokens/ICO’s are even higher risk including, but not limited to, complete loss of capital, regulatory & tax uncertainty, cyber-security attacks, Blockchain risks and no shareholder rights.
CurioInvest.com is targeted exclusively at investors who are sufficiently sophisticated to understand these risks and make their own investment decisions.
You will only be able to invest via CurioInvest.com once you are registered as sufficiently sophisticated. Investments may lose value, there are no guarantees, securities and investments are not Insured and neither Curio Capital or its affiliated companies,
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