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Ferrari F12tdf

200% price increase
in less than a year

Fractional fine automobile investing
Achieve your garage goals Grow a collection with diverse rare collectable cars. For the first time, investors around the globe can buy into the fine collectable automobile market through fully-compliant, fractional tokenized ownership. ISIN registered security tokens
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How it works

CurioInvest aggregates individual demand through its Liechtenstein-based tokenization structure which issues tokens directly link into the underlying target collectable car
Step 1 - Become a verified user
  • register with your email address
  • complete a sign-up form
  • verify your identity
Step 2 - Invest
  • Invest with others in a collectable car by joining the crowdfunding campaign.
  • Receive a certificate confirming your investment in the car.
  • As soon as sufficient funds have been raised, Curio purchases the car.
  • Next, Car Tokens are generated and distributed to the investors which replace the certificate.
Step 3 - Monitor and Diversify
  • Trade your tokens peer to peer.
  • Track the performance of your vehicles.
  • Buy new tokens to build up your garage and diversify your investment.
Investing through traditional institutions is difficult and can take several weeks. CurioInvest has digitalised the process so that you can invest wtihin minutes while complying with regulations.
Using your email address, create a free CurioInvest account to access current fine automobile offerings. Simply choose a fine automobile and decide how much to invest. You can build a portfolio to suit your own criteria and easily diversify across different brands. 0% fee to invest. (Depending upon your payment method additional fees may be added) (bottom view fine collectable automobiles)
Complete your Investors Profile and build your own collection of fine cars. 80% of profits will be paid back at you when car sells later at an auction, after covering storage, maintenance and insurance costs. (bottom “view fine automobiles)
Keep an overview on how your investments are performing. All our cars are traded across diverse digital exchanges daily. Your dashboard allows you to review how much your token investment has traded in volume along with any capital gains or losses.
Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Selling is simple. List your tokens for sale to other investors at any time on diverse digital exchanges. Or else wait for the fine automobile’s 5 yearly exit circle where investors have the opportunity to exit at a market value.

We do all the hard work

Investing in fine automobiles was a headache. Not anymore. A team of experts research and source rare, investment-grade collectable cars. We only select competitively priced cars which have the potential to increase in value over time. All the key information about the vehicles is available on the CurioInvest platform (including the vehicle’s ownership history, the current market prices for comparable vehicles, and relevant media such as videos and photos).
Finding fine automobiles
Negotiating the deal
Maintenance and Repairs

An elite, multi-billion dollar industry – now accessible to everyone.

Now you don’t need to be super-rich to invest in a supercar. For as little as $100, you can get started on CurioInvest. Vehicles have significantly outperformed other alternative asset classes in recent years, as illustrated below:

Sources: Bloomberg, UBS, Pew Research Center, The Brookings Institution, knight frank

Q1 2011 - Q1 2016

Gain Access, Reduce Minimums, Build Your Portfolio

The fine vehicles on CurioInvest have represented consistently among the highest performing alternative asset classes, but up until now, the market was only viable for elite investors. Historically, access to collectable automobiles was exclusive to the elite investors committing more than $10,000,000 per asset or $500k per fond. By allocating 25% and more to alternative assets, this exclusive group boosted their portfolio returns over decades.

CurioInvest has created a gateway for private individuals

Access a continuous flow of top-tier Collectable Assets
Investors choose which asset to invest in, and which to skip
Investors build a diversified portfolio of collectable assets


Tokenization is the creation of a digital asset and the registration of its rights on a blockchain. CurioInvest is a link between physical and digital; bridging the gap between a fine collectables, and a digital token on Ethereum. CurioInvest provides investors with a simple, intelligent and user-friendly method to buy into tokenized fine collectables. Backed by the novel Liechtenstein's blockchain legal system and the permissionless Ethereum blockchain, investing in fine automobiles is now just a few clicks away.
Investing with CurioInvest means
  • Access to many rare vintage and hypercars
  • No extra fees taken by middle-men
  • Peer-to-peer token exchange

Curio Initial Exchange Offering

coming soon:

Invest in multiple fine cars at the click of a button

Buy your share in top vetted & professionally curated fine automobiles. You can pick you own!

We make it easy to diversify

Over 500 rare cars are lined up in our pipeline to choose from. Pioneer investors benefit from future early access

When it’s time to sell you are in control

Over 500 rare cars are lined up in our pipeline to choose from. Our unique token structure allows you to sell your fine car token to others investors at a price for your choosing


1st place

15,000 CUR+Paid trip to Switzerland
& visit to Hypercar

2nd place

10,000 CUR+$5,000

3rd place

5,000 CUR+$1,000

93 prizes of

Get your name in the credits!
Be an official Curio friend!
To protect against fraud, only tickets activated by accounts with a balance of at least $5 at the time of the draw will count as valid. Please see our full terms and conditions.

CurioInvest will break down the barriers to entry the market of lucrative collectibles. Everyone shall be able to invest in alternative assets We're offering over hundred prizes, totalling 50k USD

  • How to get started
  • Become a verificated user
    • Register with your email address
    • Enter your personal data
    • Complete the KYC
  • Together with like-minded people you invest in from 1 to 100% of the car
  • Receive a certificate for your share of the car
  • Track the perfomance of the cars you invested
  • Build your own collection

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A Team Of Experts Working For You

Fernando Verboonen MSc

CEO, co-founder

Valerie Halter

COO, co-founder

Vladimir Kislinskii BSc

Chief Technology Officer

Jan Van den Broeck MA

Legal & Compliance Lead
Meet the team

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Awesome Features

Private by default
Quantum resistant
Mining free


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