CurioInvest enables everyone to invest in and profit from collectable cars. By using a crowdfunded, community-based investment model, CurioInvest will open up the collectable car market to millions of new investors.


2018 January
CurioInvest’s founders invest into Curio Capital
2018 March
CurioInvest Development begins
2019 Jan
Product Presentation at Davos Kloster Switzerland
2019 March
Product beta testing
2019 July
Launch of CurioInvest first Game on Apple App Store/Android
2019 August
CurioInvest Private sale

Why CurioInvest

CurioInvest is an online investment platform that enables investors of all income levels to invest in high-value assets.

A few reasons why investors choose us:

Collectable cars have been consistently among the highest performing alternative asset classes, but up until now, the market was only viable for elite investors. CurioInvest is using blockchain to disrupt the industry, enabling smaller investors to benefit from the collectable car market. It is also an ideal opportunity for crypto investors to diversify their exposure by investing in tokens backed by a tangible asset.

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Like in any market, some of the most profitable collectable cars command the highest purchase prices. While an extremely exclusive car like the Ferrari F12tdf is likely to increase in value over time, the purchase price of €890,000 will deter all but the wealthiest investors. CurioInvest levels the playing field, enabling small and mid-level investors to invest in a tokenized share of the vehicle.

CurioInvest’s unique, lean, crowdfunding structure based in Lichtenstein enables your investment to grow in a tax-efficient way.

The CurioInvest platform ensures the highest possible level of security by using a decentralised and encrypted blockchain network while addressing regulatory and compliance concerns in close cooperation with FMA. As there is no central server, a large-scale data breach is virtually impossible. This is the reason why major international actors such as the Swiss government, the United Nations, and the Pentagon are placing their trust in blockchain technology.

CurioInvest is not just a gateway to the collectable car market. Our team also manage every aspect of the investment, including all documentation, administration and payments.

You do not pay CurioInvest any fees until and unless your investment succeeds, meaning that your interests are completely aligned with those of CurioInvest.

Transparent monitoring tools keep investors informed throughout the investment life cycle, providing a central hub to store or download all relevant documentation.

CurioInvest offers vast flexibility, enabling you to invest and withdraw in any of the top 25 international currencies and 35 alternative currencies such as Bitcoin and Ether.

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CurioInvest team

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Verboonen, MSc
CEO, co-founder
COO, co-founder
Jan Van
den Broeck MA
Legal & Compliance Lead
Chief Technology Officer
Development Manager
Developer Consultant
Head of Business Development and Partnerships

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