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Here you find information for existing shareholders and potential investors of Curio Capital AG (, the market leader and technology pioneer for tokenizing collectables.

  • Headroom to become global leader amid high regulatory and development barriers for competitors (DLT/IT backbone; regulatory/prospectus approval, ISIN, listing requirements
  • Adjacent business models: white label solutions; digital content / community building for luxury brands; DeFi Digital Finance offering; auto OEM collab; racing team
  • Blockchain, asset securitization, DeFi clearly expected to become mainstream in future
  • Exotic cars and other collectables on long term growth trend driven by emerging market and wealth accumulation

Our vision is to open access to collectable assets to investors, so everyone can buy a piece of a rare collectable car starting with little. Wealthy investors already allocate 10% of their portfolio in collectables and we are on a mission to open this asset class.

CurioInvest provides a technology platform for investments in ultra-rare cars and the creation & management of institutional grade digital assets. Asset managers and private investors can now diversify in top vetted tokenized collectables that trade at stock markets. In the $20B collectable car market, CurioInvest offers highest security, full automation and a customizable, yet highly scalable wealth-tech solution, based on DLT. The company was cofounded by former team member of kooaba after the exit to Qualcomm. Within just 2 years of foundation, CurioInvest has created a significant footprint in the industry considered by UBS Future of Finance and McKinsey’s program among top 10 Swiss FinTech’s.

Our aim is to be the leading WealthTech platform for investments in digital collectable assets within 5 years.

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