Improvising Innovation

Changes call for innovation
and innovation leads to progress


Blockchain technolody and asset digitalization

Curio Labs is testing a blockchain-based technology that allows the digitalization of each certificate or portfolio of documents. Using a permissioned based blockchain Curio is building a new ecosystem that brings liquidity and allows the secondary trading of tokens. Our plight is building a global mechanism in partnership with local regulators and local token originating platforms in each jurisdiction.

Asset standartization and rating

At Curio, Labs is developing a normalized score per car manufacturer brand for each car based on data obtained from the token issue originator and correctly validated. This allows comparing tokens from multiple platforms, building more accurate risk models, and understanding the idiosyncrasies from each jurisdiction.


Curiocar non-fungible-token based platform

The automobile industry lack crypto-currency economics. We built this blockchain-based project to fix that. Curio intends to support millions of users by providing an ecosystem with a broad pallet of products that may ultimately scale into each vehicle in the world demanding Curio, hence fostering adoption of blockchain that allows for quick implementation of new technologies.